Discography Selected Credits

Writer (W) / Composer (C) / Producer (P) / Vocal Producer (VP) / Remixer (R)

“Our Time” TFBOYS Single (China) TFBOYS Ent. 2017  W  
“You Wo Hom’ Par” YWGG Single (China) Authrule 2017  W/P  
“A Princess’ Fate” Princess Ai Tai Single (Taiwan) Sony Taiwan 2017  W/P  
“Lao Si Ji” YWGG VW Jetta ad campaign (China) Volkswagen 2017  W/P  
“Teemo’s New Year” The X Generation Teemo’s New Year (program) Tencent 2017  W/P  
Various Music Pieces N/A Clash of Thrones (mobile game) Long Mobile 2016  C/P  
“Madman Killer” Jika Intrepid TH Ent 2016  W/P  
“Boss” Jika Single / Intrepid TH Ent 2016  W/P  
“Snap” Jika Single / Intrepid TH Ent 2015  W/P  
“Admit It, You Love It” Changmin (Tohoshinki) Close To You Avex 2015  W/P  
“Downtown Wisdom” Jason Zhang 10 EE-Media 2015  W/P  
Various Music Pieces N/A Ladder To Paradise film docu. Hylink Media 2015  C/P  
“Live For Now” Momo Wu Debut album (China) Voice of Dream 2014  W/P  
“Runnin’ On Empty” TVXQ! Make Your Move (soundtrack) SM Ent 2014  W/P  
“Off-Road” TVXQ! Tense / Spellbound (repackage) SM Ent 2014  W/P  
“Run With Me” SHINee Boys Meet U EMI Japan 2013  W/P  
“Live For Now” Momo Wu Single / Pepsi China campaign Voice of Dream 2013  W/P  
“Rat Tat Tat” Tohoshinki Time (Japan) Avex Trax 2013  W/P  
“Lemon Tree” Beach Honey Single (China) Triunfo Metro 2013  P  
Various Songs Momo Wu Clash of the Choirs (TV show) CCTV1 (China) 2012-13  P/VP  
“Run With Me” SHINee Single / Dazzling Girl EMI Japan 2012  W/P  
“For This Love” Cross Gene Single / Timeless Future Universal Japan 2012  W/P  
“For This Love” Cross Gene Single / Timeless Begins Universal Korea 2012  W/P  
“If There Was No Music” Cody & Britt Hollywood Heights (TV show) Nickelodeon/Sony 2012  W/P  
“Sorry For My English” Kansai Junior Single (Japan) Johnny’s Ent 2012  W/P  
“Reset” Charice Single / Charice Warner Bros. 2010  W/VP  
“Breathe You Out” Charice Bonus track / Charice Warner Bros. 2010  W/VP  
“Let Go” Liu Yifei Single (China) Sony Music 2010  W  
“She Wanna” / “Ten” William Chan Single / War-ri-or EEG (HK) 2009  W  
“DJ Take Me” DJ Ella Single / Welcome To The Club MicRec/EMI 2008  W  
“Pom Pom Girl” Yumiko Cheng Shanghai Doll EEF (HK) 2007  W  

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